Wade Guyton: WG3031

CHF 50.00

For this artist's book, Wade Guyton decided to print a large-format painting on a 1:1 scale. Flipping through the 360 pages, one looks at the fragments of a unique work, which could potentially be reconstructed by joining the pages together. In a sense, this book is a reflection on the questions of reproduction, the original, the source, and re-formation at the heart of Guyton's practice. If it could be said that Guyton's minimalistic "paintings," which connect directly to abstraction's history, conjure a restructuring of Modernist art and decor, this book offers a mise en abyme of these procedures.

Published with Ringier AG, in a limited edition of 700 copies.
Softcover, 237 x 280 mm360 pages, 360 color Ill.
JRP|Ringier, 2015

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