Vintage Addis Ababa

CHF 39.00

Vintage Addis Ababa

Recollections of everyday people.

Vintage Addis Ababa, launched in July 2017, is a documentary and fine art project that crowdsources old photographs from the public to tell stories of everyday people in the past. We preserve treasures that are very fragile and prone to damage and loss for current and future generations.

In this age of big data, we take a modern approach to story telling by pulling together more visual data points than the average history book would. That way, the viewer is offered greater autonomy in constructing his/her own picture of the olden days. By sharing old photographs of weddings, studio portraits, family photos etc. our desire is to build a more intimate and all-rounded perspective of history.

It is our hope that through Vintage Addis Ababa, young Ethiopians will learn about and cherish their heritage and that foreigners get to know Ethiopia and her people in a new and fresh way. 

235 pages, full color on premium uncoated paper
Sewn-bound in a hard-cover with textile cover
17x23 cm

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