Seth Price – Social Synthetic

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Price: Social Synthetic

Catalogue Amsterdam & Munich. Ed. by Beatrix Ruf, Achim Hochdörfer & Eric Banks. Amsterdam/München 2017. Contibutions by Cory Arcangel, Ed Halter, Achim Hochdörfer, Branden W. Joseph, John Kelsey, Michelle Kuo, Rachel Kushner, Laura Owens, Ariana Reines & Beatrix Ruf.  23 x 30,5 cm. 356 pages with 392 color ill.

The catalogue is the first comprehensive publication on Price's varied ouevre. It offers an unflinching portrait of contemporary, mediated Western life. A key theme in Price's work is the self under technological pressure. This is often expressed in terms of the "skins" of surface, packaging, and wrapping: a photographic study of a person?s skin obtained through the technologies Google employs for mapping; a vacuum-formed plastic relief presenting a body part stranded in plastic; a large wall sculpture depicting the negative space between two people engaged in intimate action, greatly enlarged from a tiny internet jpe

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