Depero Futurista 1913-1950

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This generous volume presents an extensive overview of one of the Futurist movement's most prolific and visionary figures. Fortunato Depero announced his allegiance to the Futurist cause with the manifesto "Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe" (coauthored with Giacomo Balla), and went on to attempt exactly that, traversing all disciplines—painting, sculpture, theatre and set design, poetry, graphic design, textiles and toy design—and infusing them with Futurism's joyous, energetic color palette and embrace of mechanization and speed. Depero was a pioneer in several fields: he created one of the first artist's museums, several classic artist's books (such as his famous "bolted book" of 1927) and the first artist's "factory"—the Casa d'Arte Futurista in Rovereto, Italy, which produced toys, tapestries and furniture in the Futurist style. He was also very successful as a graphic designer, and his 1932 bottle design for Campari Soda is still in production. Surveying over 300 works from the gamut of his vast output, Futurist Depero is a wonderful, rich celebration of this fascinating Futurist protagonist.

Clothbound, 280 x 320, 462 pages, 650 color images