Annie Leibovitz – The Early Years 1970 - 1983

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Annie Leibovitz – The Early Years 1970 - 1983

Archive Project #1

A companion book to the exhibition in Arles of Archive Project #1 of Annie Leibovitz’s photographs covers the years she worked for Rolling Stone magazine. 

It was a volatile, frenetic time politically and culturally. The lines had yet to be drawn between journalists and the people they covered, so Leibovitz had access that would be considered unusual now. More than at any other time in her life, she was photographing the world around her on a daily basis—scenes backstage and on the road with musicians, at the more-or-less anarchistic Rolling Stone office, and on assignment with journalists such as Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe.
Many of her most well-known portraits were made then, but the installation contains a trove of material from that era that has rarely, if ever, been seen.
Published by Taschen in collaboration with the LUMA Foundation, the book includes a reminiscence by Leibovitz, a critical essay by Luc Sante, and a timeline that establishes a historical and cultural context for the photographs.

Softcover, 220 x 270, 160 pages, 122 photographs

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