Death Drive – There Are No Accidents

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Stephen Bayley: Death Drive – There Are No Accidents

Cars have a talismanic quality. No other manufactured object has the same disturbing allure. More emotions are involved in cars than any other product: vanity, cupidity, greed, social competitiveness, cultural modelling. But when all this perverse promise ends in catastrophe, these same talismanic qualities acquire an extra dimension. The car crash is a defining phenomenon of popular culture. is both an appreciative essay about the historic place of the automobile in the modern imagination and an exploration of the circumstances of multiple celebrity denouements, from Isadora Duncan to Helmut Newton. En route the narrative traces one very big arc – the role of the car in extending or creating the personality of a celebrity – and concludes by confronting the imminent death of the car itself.

Stephen Bayley is an author, critic, columnist, consultant, broadcaster, curator and founding director of the influential Design Museum. Over the past thirty years his writing has changed the way the world thinks about design.

Tom Wolfe on Stephen Bayley: ‘I don’t know anybody with more interesting observations about style, taste and contemporary design’.

‘Reading this book, one quickly gets accustomed to superb writing. Words cascade forth in perfect pitch and harmony on page after glorious page.’— Gerard DeGroot, The Times

‘Bayley takes the voyeurism we all feel when spotting a crash on the motorway, throws in celebrities major and minor, and ends up with a fascinating commentary on the motor car in 20th-century western culture.’ — Gerard DeGroot, The Times

21 × 16cm 232pp, 72 colour and b&w illustrations.

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