Lee Bontecou

CHF 45.00

Since the 1960s, American artist Lee Bontecou has been internationally praised for her intriguing sculptures and installations. The rich, organic shapes of her sculptures seem to originate from a mysterious universe in which man?s fears and desires are condensed. Recently the artist created Sandbox, a new installation in which she combines elements from her work from the 1960s to the present. A picture essay by Joan Banach, artist and friend of Bontecou, focuses on the genesis of Sandbox and maps the rich network of Bontecou?s inspirations: pictures range from extracts from geological and historical books to images of works by old masters. The beautiful, detailed photographs were taken at the artist?s studio. This publication also shows Bontecou?s sketchbooks and the inspirational ?wall of drawings? in her studio. This book is an intimate insight into the creative process of the artist.

DEN HAAG, GEMEENTEMUSEUM - Catalogue ed. & contrib. by Joan Banach, Jeremy Melius, Laura Stamps & Benno Tempel. Den Haag 2017. 24,8 x 29,8 cm. 136 S. mit meist 120 farb., teils ganzseit. Abb., davon 2 Falttafeln, gebunden.

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